Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My empty nest... and a few other thoughts

I'm sooooo depressed. How on earth did I ever agree to #1: Adam leaving 17 days before my due date, and #2: Taking Bella away from me for a week!?!!!??! I dropped them off 5:00am, its been 14 hours since then, and I'm ready to freak out. The only thing I keep hearing will only be till next Wednesday before they return, and that the time will go by fast....thats not working, and no, it doesn't help! I miss Bella sooo much and can't wait till she comes home :(

On another note...17 days till the mystery baby is due! ( as already mentioned)
Only a few Christmas gifts purchased, and the stress and anxiety of the holiday is growing on me.....
Dear Christmas,
Can we continue to celebrate Christmas by listening to music, decorating, eating yummy foods, and participating in fun festive activites- but just postpone the actually Christmas Day just a few more months?
Sincerely, me


Jess, Andrew and Family said...

Sad! I hope your week goes by quickly- I would be the same way. Afton was born on December 15th and I seriously let everyone else take care of Christmas. It was the only way I could have survived having a baby so close to Christmas.

fonsy said...

If you were here I'd give you a foot rub. Just sayin'. Instead I'm sending the love your way.